A May’s reflection on Feburary’s Work

Musical Entry: Doll of Misery tracks and two gifts I made for a friend.

Doll of Misery ~ Swords like Daggers :

For the first attempt I guessed the tempo of the original and tried to mix things up with the drums throughout.

Took about 2 & 1/2 hours

I was pretty content with it…..until I heard the original’s actual speed again (which I think is slower) and mulled over how to do it.

Around a week or two later I had acquired a new VST to my arsenal:

The EM-U Proteus VX


(This is what I meant Ramon, when I said I found a good VST a while ago. Not the Mikro Prism, I messed up memory-wise)

And so I made this: Doll of Misery ~ Criss-Crossing Swords amidst a Curtain

It took roughly 2 hours as I redid all of the tracks within the first arrangement aside from the drums.

I really like the 2nd one more than the first but really, both are good. They just fit different moods I think.

Now, the requests. I had been requested to do Epona’s Song from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for a friend’s birthday and they had also requested a rendition of a song from¬† Ouran High School Host Club, an anime.

I couldn’t find a decent long midi base for Epona’s Song aside from a melodious version found at VGMusic. So I used it. Much thanks to VGMusic and the creator of that Midi.


I changed up the ending and I think it went well.

Hours of Work: 2

Epona’s Melodious Meadows

I found the midi base for Nocturne Pour Tamaki at Josh’s anime sheet music collection.

Found here: http://josh.agarrado.net/music/anime/index.php

This one took far more work to sound…..as a whole piece.

This is because the song was made with just a piano in mind. So the Midi only had had a piano. I used my “powers of extrapolation” to figure out other instruments that could work.

Hours spent: 3 & 3/4

Nocturne Reflection

And that’s all for today! I’ll update again soon! Really! ^__^;


Cas Entry: November-ish

In November I worked with a friend on a rendition of Sunset Park Act 1/2 from Sonic Triple Trouble.
My friend had never used any sort of musical software like this before and I taught him the basics.
That is, as I didn’t know how to use the most advanced portions of my program……The basics were roughly half of what I knew.

We listened and tried to fit things into place.
The greatest issue was trying to make the song sound different in some sections.
Working with someone was especially different from what I had been accustomed to.
Trying ideas and having immediate feedback was like a double edged sword until I got used to it.
While I may have wanted to go one direction he wanted to go another, so we compromised.

Then he went home, I still felt like working on the song. So……I made a version with variations throughout.
Time Spent:
3 hours together on first version
Enjoying a Park in the Sunset
2 and 1/2 hours on the Variation version
Sunset Park Collab (Variant Vers.)

=_= I should really be more on the ball with this.

I am horribly sorry for the myriad times I’ve forgotten to update.

Hopefully this will lighten that air of forgetfulness.

I will post and reflect on each piece I’ve gotten done since my last update as well as upload each one and finally post my Doll of Misery renditions (Because I got nit-picky so there are two and they are different).

I will also once again include the link to my works in addition to embedding them in the blog.

CAS 10/13/2010

Welcome to my blog for CAS work and Music postings.

On the thirteenth I began work on my next track to arrange.

I got to figure out how to get one of the Virtual Studio Technology instruments (VSTi) to work more efficiently and be more effective in the track overall.

I’ll work more on the track on the weekend to some degree and try making it a bit more different than just an augmentation of the original Midi file than previous works.

Creativity Hours: 2 hours

Over the weekend I plan to triple/quadruple that amount.

The track in question is from a game called Touhou Mystic Square. It is the 5th game in the series and the song is called ¬†Doll’s Story~Doll of Misery.