Hello there!

I’m Doug Feig. I am currently 19.

I used to use Cubase 5 Essentials for all my work February 2011 and before, as of march 2011 I use Cubase 6 Artist.

I am a full time student and my catharsis from the stresses of the day is music. I always used to just listen, but within the last two years I’ve been learning to play the keyboard and have begun making all these arrangements!

I’ve gotten into Touhou and it’s music as of late as well as Ys.

I take requests and do them as I am able. While I do not see myself as all that talented I hope all those viewing this page enjoy my works. I hope to do an Original piece soon.

Next songs in my work load: Romantic Children from Touhou Mystic Square, a Request from a classmate to do an arrangement of either the cave music from Gold/Silver or a battle theme, and an arrangement of Shining Force’s Castle theme with some elements/parts of other songs from the game mixed in. New to the work load: Will to Fight from FF XIII and a song from Bomberman Hero.

Also, all of the MIDIs I have used come from external sources. So I say thank you to Samidare, VG Music,  josh’s anime sheet music collection and various mediafire and web pages containing MIDIs not found elsewhere.

Thanks ever so much for letting me use your work!


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