Finally! Something new!

Today’s works come from a composition from Aaron Walz made back in 1998.
I did it foremost as a remastering and arrangement.

The song I did is called Battle, it lies on this page: near the bottom of the page.

Made in Midi format, I reformatted it in VST 3.0.
I thank Aaron for allowing me to work on his creation, his business and recent works can be found at the following sites:
(Don’t go to’s blog though, had a trojan last I saw and he uses FB for that purpose now)

Anyway, you’d probably want to hear my versions of the song after reading all that.
Walz Battle – Remastered
Remastered Version, no changes in tone in the song.

Walz Battle – Vesper Mix
I only changed the second playthrough of the song but I felt it gave it a nice bit of variation.

Please leave comments about the song and the creative process below!



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  1. Hmm. I like your remastering better 🙂 Everything sounds great but I have to say that you’ll need to keep the strength and volume of the kick and snare next time. Other than that, good job!

    As for the arrangement, on first listen I just noticed that it’s almost exactly the same as the original without the lead trumpets o_o It would definitely become more of your mix if you gave more input like, for example, a super epic trumpet or otherwise solo and additional instruments and melodies in the second playthrough. My .02 XD

  2. Well, ehehe. It was a test to see if I had had it in me to produce quality works after being stagnant in development for all those months.

    And actually the way I did it was I remastered the original one but wanted to change it up after I had started the project months ago, when I came back to it my “mix” version emerged first and then then I “restored” it to the default by filling back in the gaps I muted/deleted.

    The drums….Gah, they gave me trouble. xD There are actually four drums in this song, each with their own instrumentation. However, sometimes parts would drown out other parts and so I had to fidget with it a lot.

    Also, getting certain instruments to not cause the whole thing to clip while trying to keep a louder volume than earlier songs (which I know were quiet -_-) proved tricky but I think it taught me how to better master them for the future.

    You also wouldn’t believe the hassle I went through to MAKE SURE that the speaker panning parts stayed without messing up the panning of the parts that followed. I also got to learn how to shift the panning within the track info if it had a set pan when I started using it.

    Yeah, I like that idea. Sigh, I wish I knew my music theory and stuff better though so I could make solos, melodies, and original additions that don’t deter from the original piece. I did however shift the two bass around in the arranged section having the second one play solo and then the first one solo, The drums were also played with in that arranged section. I’d love to have it ideally start soft and quiet like in the arr. as present but become more vibrant and more varied and flowing in a final arranged rendition.

    xD lol. Now I have to put this song on my list to come back to one day.

    Thanks for your two cents Ramon!

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