Monthly Archives: October 2011

Finally! Something new!

Today’s works come from a composition from Aaron Walz made back in 1998.
I did it foremost as a remastering and arrangement.

The song I did is called Battle, it lies on this page: near the bottom of the page.

Made in Midi format, I reformatted it in VST 3.0.
I thank Aaron for allowing me to work on his creation, his business and recent works can be found at the following sites:
(Don’t go to’s blog though, had a trojan last I saw and he uses FB for that purpose now)

Anyway, you’d probably want to hear my versions of the song after reading all that.
Walz Battle – Remastered
Remastered Version, no changes in tone in the song.

Walz Battle – Vesper Mix
I only changed the second playthrough of the song but I felt it gave it a nice bit of variation.

Please leave comments about the song and the creative process below!