Shade Abbey Arrangement

Well, here’s my first full-on arrangement since February.
It’s an arrangement of Shade Abbey from the Sega Genesis Classic: Shining Force.
I tried to make it have a greater emphasis on the haunted nature of the abbey’s ruins, making it sound like the dead are mournfully crying out.
The crashing sound within the song is meant to be a ruined bell sound, as the abbey’s bell continues to ring despite there being none alive to ring it.
I added a little thing on the end as the MIDI base I used ends quite abruptly. I thought it was a nice little thing to try.
I experimented with tremolos, and other inserts for the first time too.
Again I thank VGmusic for the MIDI base for this song.

Time taken: 3 and 1/2 hours
Mournful Abbey Ruins

Hope you enjoy this haunting track!
And have a wonderful evening/morning. *Bows*

Edit: and here is the original so people may compare them: Shade Abbey (Original)


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