I feel creative

Today, during the doldrums of schoolwork I got a spark.

A spark of creativity.

When I get home, I’ll just use a flash drive for my VSTs and previous projects on my old computer and move them to my new one.

I’ll use Cubase 6 Artist instead of taunting myself with a somewhat limited trial of Cubase 6.

I’ll finish Romantic Children since that was closest to being done on my old computer and also get the pokemon song done today.

I’ll have to do my dishes quickly after supper so my progress won’t get stalled.

I feel like I have resolve to finish what I said I’d do. So I will.

No more waiting and being annoyed at a stupid cable, I’ll just get it done myself.

Tonight shall be a learning experience. *Grins*

Determination! Heh Heh!


Posted on May 17, 2011, in Personal Updates. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. And I transferred everything I could on a little flash drive. It just took a long time. That with my dishes meant I didn’t get to working on these yesterday, but after my haircut and rehearsal for Friday’s concert today, I shall be able to begin my work.

  2. Okay, Romantic Children can only be finished in the way I worked on it from my old computer. -_-

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