Plan of Action

Ok. So, my old computer is fighting the cheap transfer cable my dad bought to ‘port my stuff from it to my new computer. I’m going to have to try even harder against its horribleness or go for broke and aim for a nice external hard-drive like my original plan was. But where to get the funds for this? Saving up money for LoZ: Skyward Sword (Whenever it comes out) and my dad gets most of my funds. (It’s convoluted.) I may have to ask from my elder sister and mother if they could put some money into the EHD fund.

It has come to my attention from a good musical associate that I don’t have the drums in my pieces very loud in comparison to the rest of the instruments used. I plan to fix this.

This weekend I declare that I’m getting my darn Pokemon Gold arrangement done one way or another. Also I’m thinking on doing an Original piece soon, my first. I just….need to figure out what it will be first. hehe. *Sweatdrop*

I won’t leave this post without some musical substance, so here my reflection on a piece from early February.

Darm Tower_ Final Fact of The Darkness (NES)

(Its got the rarity of a shiny pokemon with the pokerus in terms of arrangements, seriously.)

This song. I really like it. I’ve heard one other arrangement that was by Hallion Sounds which was awesome and wondered why weren’t there more songs of it. Then I decided to make one myself. Because of the fact that I enjoyed it so much.

It took 4 hours, maybe even 5. I was really trying to perfect it for myself.

I was more ambitious with the song; using incremental tempo adjustment, a greater variety in the soundscape (Left Speaker, Center, Right Speaker) which was fun, and just had a blast making it.

I again thank for the Midi base.

I actually used the midi base (plus my drums) for the intro, then orchestralized it, had some eastern instruments pop in around the middle, then for the end had all of the orchestral instruments on the left and the midi base instruments on the right.

My good musical associate would be LEAF XCEED’s Creator, Ramon Nario!

I do not hesitate to give him praise and an advertisement because his help has been invaluable over the years since I started speaking to him. Also, because his arrangements and original compositions are mega flipping awesome. Ok, Mainly because He is awesome in both regards (Help and Music).

Anyhow. Please enjoy the latest track!


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  1. I do my best to help XD I hope you get your file transfer issues solved, and I still say that the drums are quite weak :< The rest of your instruments are fine and so is your arrangement, I like the sounds of the strings. Drums is hard to work on though, so best of luck man!

    • Yeah, drums are trickier to work with. -__-
      Though, did I do better with Doll of Misery ~ Criss-Crossing Swords amidst a Curtain?

      [audio src="" /]
      Because I did that one after this one, and I think my drum work is improved there.
      Also helps that I had that proteus VX VST. The drum sets in there were much better than the soundfont ones I found before. Then again, a lot of good sounds are in that VST. xD

      Maybe you can use it with Fruity Loops? 😀

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